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Professional Admissions Consultancy

With 15+ Years of Experience helping children in accomplishing their goals, Transcend IFS has been recognized as the leading Overseas Education Consultant in North Karnataka.

Step 1

The journey for admissions begins with the preparation on GRE, TOEFL/IELTS and our faculties for the same are experts in imparting knowledge. Benazir Shaikh Madam and other faculties at Transcend IFS are the best at their subjects will guide you step-by-step.

Step 2

You gallop ahead with the application process, by identifying the right universities to fit your profile, profession, bursar and the feedback given from the previous students from the past years.

Step 3

You are given a list of 15-20 university and we predict your chances of admission on the same you list with your counselor, Mrs. Benazir Shaikh to narrow down your list of your final universities.

At Transcend IFS, we believe in transparency and frequent communication as it is the question of your career. Hence, we do not have any restrictions on the number of visits or meeting you have with our counselors.

Why Transcend IFS?

Consultants at Transcend IFS,

  • Help you identify your appropriate recommenders
  • Advise and help you build the contents of SOP and other essays
  • Prepare your Resume
  • Prepare Systemized Documents for the University Applications
  • Assist you with Online Applications
  • Assist you with value added Pre & Past Application Process

Top University Admissions by Transcend IFS, Belagavi

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