Graduate Record Examination

    The main features of GRE revised General test is The Analytical Writing Assessment. Verbal Ability and the quantitative ability.
The AWA(Analytical Writing Assessment) this includes an Issue and an Argument. You should be able to demonstrate a lucid, coherent, convinering and logical write up. With strong examples to support your Stance.
    The Argument on the other hand is a critical analysis of an idea or a thought presented by the author. You should be able to write a response to give a critical analysis on the matter discussed.
The Verbal ability consists of Sentence Equivalence, Sentence Completion, Reading Comprehension. Analysing the candidates Reasoning ability is one indispensible part of the Verbal section.
The Quantitative Ability test you on basic Mathematical concepts, but is more focused on the data analysis and data Interpretation to gague your skills.
Sections and Time given for each section,

Section Questions Time
AWA Issue 1 30 Min
AWA Argument 1 30 Min
Verbal Section 20 30 Min
Quant Section 20 35 Min
Verbal Section 20 30 Min
Quant Section 20 35 Min

  • • Unscored 20 Q on either verbal or quantitative ,You will not know which one it is.
  • • An unidentified, unscored section that does not count toward your score will appear and you cannot predict which one it is.

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